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  • Most Challenging

Comic Excape

Quick Details

Duration: 60 Minutes

Ages: 14 and up

Player All Ages
Private Room All Ages | Up to 10 Players

Can you stop Dr. X and escape?

Pharmex Laboratory employees are dying one by one. While investigating their mysterious deaths you uncover the truth about a disgruntled Pharmex employee.

Dr. X was once a successful PHD and now owns this Comic Shop. In a villainous plot for revenge Dr. X has placed a bomb somewhere in the city to complete his evil plan and make everyone know his pain and loss. Start at The Comic Excape and follow the clues to locate Dr.X’s lair. Can you be the hero this city needs?

Additional Escape Room Information

  • While this game is designed for adults, children 14-years-old and older can participate, and they do enjoy the game.
  • If you are bringing younger children, we ask that you fill the room completely.

If the majority of players are younger, you need to have one adult for every two children under the age of 14.