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About Excape Games

Who are Excape Games for? Excape Games are a great group activity. Invite a date or your workgroup and book a room today.


Tourists & Travelers

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, Excape Games is a great way to escape the mundane travel experience. Get out of your hotel room and spend an hour working together to solve a mystery.


Friends & Family

When is the last time you left an evening with friends or family and couldn’t stop talking about how much fun you had? Turn off the electronics and come to Excape Games to escape the ordinary!


Personalized Events

Want a fun new way to celebrate your special occasion that will be talked about for months? We can create a unique and lasting memory for your birthday, anniversary, proposal, bachelor/bachelorette party, and more!

gamer icon

Gamers & Enthusiasts

You think you got gaming skills? Come to Excape Games and prove it! We challenge you to try out all our escape rooms, get out in time, and maybe even break the top score! Our escape rooms are extremely challenging — on average, less than 20% of participants have made it out in time! Try your hand at our escape rooms and show us what you got.

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Companies & Events

Get out of the office and allow Excape Games to create a memorable team building experience that your co-workers will be talking about for years! Enhance relationships, communication skills, and teamwork while finding clues and solving puzzles. Call or e-mail us and we’ll be happy to assist with reserving our meeting room and even make lunch plans if you want to continue the momentum!